The Amazing Adventures of Working Girl by Karen Burns

This is a rather interesting book which I accepted from my mom’s ex-colleague. Of course, it will not be in the list of books that I will get to read but since it is free, so why not?

It is rather alarming to read that Working Girl (aka Karen Burns) the author herself has gone through 59 jobs and she wrote each of them down. She has worked as a dishwasher, teacher, waitress, consultant, editor, secretary, envelope sorter, journalist, copy writer, seamstress, middle manager, cashier, bank teller, model, ditch digger, clerk, and more.

I, on the other hand, have no idea how to describe what I have ever worked as. 

There is a video of the book launch in 2009. I have no recollection of memory of what I was doing in that year, but definitely I have never publish a book before. I think I might be visiting some countries and having the best time in my life. But every year is the best year of my life, right until now. 

Do skip the video below if you find it rather boring. I have neither seen nor attend a book launch before unless books launched by servants of God when they came for conferences in churches.

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Updated on October 10, 2021

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