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How to Use

Manoeuvering Around

This website is actually very simple and goes straight to the point. It might be something that is too new for many but it is definitely more convenient than the conventional way.

This is the main page where you will get to read a few humble words from us when this website got started and was still way under construction. 

Then a few words from our students. When I first received their words, I thought they were rehearsing for my eulogy. Those are words from future doctor, future architect, future lawyer, future accountant, future businessman and future pharmacist. 

May all our students lead a meaningful life even with the many challenges that they will have to face in future.

The page ‘about’ shows you who we are behind the screen. We will never say that we are very good educators because even if we say we are very good, it is pointless as we are not the ones sitting for their examinations. We always tell our students that what is more important is they are prepared to sit for all examinations and have the wisdom to face the world.

When our students get straight A’s we will not show them off by uploading their results for public display in order to make others know that we are the ones who taught them because that is not entirely true. A student has at least 7 teachers teaching them various subjects a year. I said at least – if you were to count properly there will be more than 10 teachers in a year to guide them through and many other adults other than their own parents to impart knowledge and wisdom to them.

Another reason why we do not want to put up our students’ results is because there are always other students who did not do so well. Why make them feel like they are lesser beings? Straight A’s do not guarantee  a bright and brilliant future albeit it opened many doors to opportunities. A mixture of A, B, C, D and E does not mean the future is doomed. There are so many things that students are good in if they are not good in their studies. 

There are also words from younger students by Cikgu Phoon’s students. After teaching for 38 years, many of his students have families of their own already. We were not able to put up all their testimonies as that would need a really big platform just to store messages. May these youngsters adapt to all the changes they are facing as students and adults in future.

This is the page where you will find all courses –  various subjects with different chapters. This is where you choose which standard or form you are in, either by clicking or scrolling to where you need.

Standard or Form will bring you to subjects being taught in the English language. Darjah and Tingkatan will bring you to subjects being taught in bahasa Melayu.

If you have clicked but found there is nothing in there, it means it will be coming soon. Every lesson will not be done in a haste. Are we chasing for time? Well, time waits for no man but at the same time I will not rush through just to earn money. This website will be done with great care and it will be fully ready when time comes. Do accept my apology if you found that what you are looking for is not ready yet.

So, how to know which courses are available and which are not? You will have to head on to My Knowledge and check out ‘A Sneak Peek’ to see which course is ready and running.

Thank you for you patience.

This is where you may drop us an e-mail if you have any inquiries. But if you want a faster reply, you may just click on the WhatsApp button and get to us directly. 

A single click on My Gold-i will bring you to a completely different website. This is when you decide to pay for your courses using your gold account.

By using My Gold-i to pay for your courses, we will give you a rebate of 10% of the amount paid to us in the form of gold through My Gold-i as well. We will not give you rebate in the form of cash or discount vouchers.

We will talk about this in greater length if you are interested to know more. You may watch the video below to roughly know what My Gold-i is about. It is mainly about savings and investment, this is not a taboo subject as students in Form 3 are already taught about investment, ROI, property investment and about finance in their Mathematics subject. They need to start saving since young and learn how to invest once they start earning their own moolah. In order to do that, they need the knowledge, not randomly following what others say.

This is an entirely different space where you may go to:

  • A Sneak Peek to see what are the courses ready to be purchased
  • Peribahasa separated into bidalan, perumpamaan, pepatah and simpulan bahasa
  • Bahasa kiasan to brush up on your vocabulary in bahasa Melayu. Many Malaysian students have no love for the national language, which I do not understand why. Bahasa Melayu is a very beautiful language. Do learn up bahasa Melayu just like how the Koreans learn their Korean language. Other languages may be beautiful but do love your own national language first before figuring out other foreign languages
  • Idioms and Proverbs will also be updated once in awhile
  • Books that I have read. I enjoy reading and there are many books out there in the market with different types of genres. You may purchase books from BookXcess or Big Bad Wolf. Most of my books are from BookXcess, Book Depository which is based in the UK but they shipped worldwide without extra charges. MPH and Popular Bookstore have books that are higher in price.

Other categories may be added in future. Baking, cooking, sewing and gardening maybe, skills that you need to survive on a daily basis.

This is where students need to login with their login name and password which has been sent through e-mail after successful payment be made for a particular chapter.

You may change your login name and password.


That is all for now. Come join in the fun learning in a different way. We look forward to getting to know you from whichever corner of this country you are in.

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Updated on November 20, 2021

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