How to Purchase A Course

How to purchase a course

No Monthly Fee

Yes, since this is an old-style-new-platform tuition concept, there is no monthly fee neither is there any enrollment fee nor registration fee. Just choose which subject and chapter that you are weak in, then get help from here. There’s no hard and fast rules to this. If you want to get every chapter, go ahead. If you think you only need one chapter to brush up on, go ahead.

From the homepage of just click on All Courses. Then, click on the particular standard or form that you want and need. Do you know that if you are in Form 5 but since you have not mastered a few chapters from Form 4, you can just purchase courses from Form 4 syllabus, no one is going to laugh at you. Who knows what you get for yourself? You might be in Form 5 but since you have ‘slept’ or daydreamed for 5 years, you can quickly start from Form 1 all over again, nobody is going to laugh at you, nobody knows what you are purchasing here except for your parents who pay for you.

But do not be too ambitious by buying many chapters at once, you might suddenly find that you have no time to do so many at one go. Be reminded that each chapter lasts for 30 days only – more than enough to master a chapter. Just get one at a time. Once you are done, get the next one that you need.

Just click accordingly.

Payment 1: Payex

If you choose to pay using Visa or Mastercard, Union Pay, American Express, FPX, Grab Pay or Touch n Go, just use Payex. 

Billing details should be that of the cardholder’s while e-mail address can be that of the student’s for the convenience of students to get the login name and password. 

Payment 2: Bank Transfer

For bank transfer, billing details should be that of the bank account holder while e-mail can be that of account holder or student’s.

After clicking Buy Now, you will get to the screen showing you your order number. You will also receive an e-mail.

Once you have transferred the required amount to our Maybank account, do insert the order number as details for Recipient’s Reference to avoid any misunderstanding.

Download the payment receipt and use the computer’s snipping tool to save as JPG in the Pictures folder. If you are using a smartphone then just screenshot the proof of payment. Make sure the order number is stated in the Recipient’s Reference.


Uploading Proof of Payment for Bank Transfers

Bank transfer requires a few more steps before purchasing can be completed. Although it looks like it has more steps to it, but it is just a few clicks away.

Once you have snipped or screenshot the proof of payment, go to My Account. Then Edit Profile. Click on Orders on your left hand side then your purchase with the same order number will appear. Click on View and you are able to Choose File at the bottom of the page to upload your saved proof of payment. Click Save once you have chosen your proof of payment from either your Pictures folder or phone Gallery.

We will receive the proof of payment and together with the order number stated on the Recipient’s Reference, we will release to you the course that has been put on hold.

Payment 3: My Gold-i

My Gold-i is payment through your gold savings. You can open the savings through us. Any payment from your Quantum Metal gold account, we will honour you with 5% of gold out of the amount that you have paid. To know further about this gold account it is best that you hit the WhatsApp button to talk to us directly.

The steps to complete payment is just like bank transfer.

Using payex requires two steps to get to your course. Bank transfer and My Gold-i are not that difficult, learn them up and they will be useful in other websites in future. Embrace technology – a few clicks definitely is easier than dressing up, getting into the car and looking for carpark then walking to your destination. 

Nothing is that instant. Even cooking instant noodles takes time. 3 minutes is not entirely true. Takes time to eat and digest, too. 

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Updated on November 22, 2021

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