How to Print Out Materials

Printing Materials

Steps to Print out Materials

There are chapters which you need to print out the graph paper, grid paper, ledger, journal, cash book, diagrams and maybe worksheet. 

Just click in 3 steps to get your stuff printed out. If you do not have a printer with you, then be more creative, draw out those diagrams. If you have all those papers needed for Maths and Accounts, then use what you have, you do not have to print them out.

Be wise in your own discretion. 

Step 1 Materials

Click on Materials

Click on Materials before you start with the course to check whether that particular chapter has anything to be printed out. 

Step 2 Course Materials

Course Materials

If there is something to be printed out, below the phrase ‘Course Materials’ will be in blue text.

Just click on it. For example ‘Graph paper‘ 

Step 3 Print


Just click on that ‘printer’ to print out the necessary materials. Ain’t that simple?


Do not be hard on yourself if you do not have a printer. When we were in our schooling years, everything was done by hand. I first owned a printer and a computer when I was in Form 2, but everything in school required the work of the hand, not a computer and a printer.

I know that times have changed now, but do consider it a privilege if you are able to click and learn from this website. Anything else is secondary. Be grateful in everything.

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Updated on November 30, 2021

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