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There is nothing too difficult to learn and there is nothing too new that you will not be able to comprehend. 

Click then Write

Prepare your stationeries – notebook, pencil, pen, calculator if needed, geometry set if necessary, colour pencil if need be, a pair of scissors, a pair of compasses, glue and so on. It is still the old school method. You can’t be learning like you are just watching a movie.

Click on the video above to see an example. Just a really short example to catch a glimpse of how this is done. 

When you have purchased a course, that means a chapter of the subject that you needed, you will have to start from number 1, you cannot just start from the last question and move up. You will need to follow through, just like you can’t just walk out of the classroom just because you are not interested. In the first place, if you are not interested, why bother to buy a chapter? Am I right?

When it is necessary to start writing in your notebook, then do so.

Start and Pause or Repeat

You may start by copying the question, then play the video if you totally do not have any idea how to start solving the problem. 

Hit pause when you want to try doing it on your own. 

Click play to see how it is really done, whether you are doing it correctly. When you are doing Mathematics for example, there are many ways to solve a problem. You may get the correct answer, but you can always check out the working. No harm learning more than one way to solve a question. Just like there are many routes to your home, when one road is jammed up or closed for construction work, use another road to get home. 

If you find that you need more time to process a question and even longer time to process how it is being solved, you may repeat the video until you finally see some light at the end of the tunnel.

If ever you still can’t find the light at the end of your dark tunnel, do click on the WhatsApp button, I will bring in a torchlight to shine a small path for you.

But do not be too quick to hit the WhatsApp button just because you want to find an easy way out. Life is very tough right now, nothing is easy. Do build some resilience for yourself. 

Will It Work?

This website actually started with only one limb, totally incomplete yet one of the students got A for Additional Mathematics. 

What about other students? Well… I do not know their results. This is a new way of studying, you may choose not to speak to me at all. I will also not squeeze out an answer from you regarding your result. If you are doing very well, congratulations to you but I will not post up your string of A’s to boast about it lest you forget yourself and think highly of yourself. Wait till you leave this country to pursue your tertiary education, then you will realize that we have studied so much yet we do not know many things. If you are doing poorly after trying very hard, I will not condemn you also. You have done your best, this is just not your cup of tea. If you do badly because you are lazy, then your future is in your own hands. 


You will need to try it out yourself. For me to know, for you to find out. Well, if it will not work, what is the point of setting this up, right?

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Updated on November 30, 2021

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