Form 5 Additional Mathematics

Form 5 Add Maths

Chapters Involved

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A circular arc XY of length 5π cm subtends an angle z radians at the centre O of a circle of radius 6 cm. Find the value of z, and hence, calculate the area of the sector OXY.

Find the coordinates of the turning points on the curve y = x³ – 3x² – 9x + 21. Hence, determine the nature of each of these turning points and sketch the curve.

Integrate $(3x + 1)(3x – 1) \over x^2$ with respect to x.



The diagram shows a regular octagon.

a. How many triangles can be formed from the vertices of that octagon?

b. Find the number of triangles that include vertex Q as one of its vertices.

Given that X ~ N (3p, p²) and P (X > 2) = 13%, find the value of p, and hence, evaluate P (X <1).

Without the use of tables or a calculator, solve the trigonometric equation 4 cos x = sec x for 0º ≤ x ≤ 360º.

An English test paper consists of section A and section B. A student gets x marks for section A and y marks for section B.

a. Write a linear inequality for each of the following conditions:
I The student’s marks for section B is not more than the marks in section A.
II The total marks of this student is not more than 84 marks.
III The minimum marks obtained is 25 marks for section B.

b. Draw a diagram to show a region R that satisfies all the inequalities in (a).

c. Find the maximum and minimum marks that the student can obtain if the student’s marks for section A is twice the marks for section B.

The acceleration of a particle t seconds after leaving a fixed point O from rest is 5 – 6t cm s‾². Find the value of t when the particle is at instantaneous rest. Hence, find the distance of the particle from O at this instant.


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