Form 4 Additional Mathematics

Form 4 Add Maths

Chapters Involved

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A function f is given by f(x) = a(xp)² + q, where a, p and q are constants. If f(3) = 5, f(p) = -3 and
f(q) = 29, find the possible values of a, p and q.

If 2x² – qx + 2 > 0 for all values of x, show that q < -4 or q > 4.


Given that (-2, 1) is a solution for the simultaneous equations:
by + m +1 = x
$m({x \over y}) + b^2({y \over x}) + 8 = 0$
Find the values of b and the corresponding values of m.

Evaluate $5 ^{2 log_53}$

Write down the values of the first three terms of a series given that the sum of the first n terms of a certain series is $3(2^n -1)$.

The diagram shows the graph of $y \over x$ against $x$.

Linear Law

Express $y$ in the form of $y = ax^2 + bx + c$, and state the numerical values of $a$, $b$ and $c$.

Given two straight lines $3x – y – 3 = 0$ and $x – 2y +19 = 0$. Find the length of the line segment that joins the origin O to the point of intersection between the straight lines.

Find a vector of magnitude 2 units in the direction of AB, where A (2, -3) and B (-1, 1).

At a particular time, a Navy patrol boat A receives an emergency transmission that a fishing boat F is drifting from a point 5 km on a bearing of 030º from A. By the time the patrol boat reaches the fishing boat F, it has drifted 4 km eastward. Calculate the distance A has covered before reaching F.

The index number of crops produced in the year 2015 based on the year 2014 is 120 and corresponding index number of crops produced for the year 2014, based on the year 2013 is 108. Calculate the index number of crops produced for the year 2015 based on the year 2013.

Do adapt to such new form of old-school-new-platform tuition. Pens, pencils and books are still needed. Just that the learning experience is a tad different now. It is time to move forward.

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