Form 1 Mathematics

Form 1 Mathematics

Chapters Involved

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Calculate the value of $1 {1 \over 4} – (-{14 \over 15}) \times 5 {1 \over 4}$ and express the answer as a fraction in its lowest term.

List all the prime factors of 84.

Find the value of $(6 – ^3 \sqrt{-27})^2$.

The ratio of the number of watermelons to the number of guava is 11: 5. The total number of fruits is 224. Calculate the difference in number between the watermelons and the guavas.

Simplify  ${12r + bc \over 3} – 5({1 \over 2}bc – 7r)$

Solve the following simultaneous linear equations:

4p – 3q = -10

3p + q = -1

List all the integer values of $x$ which satisfy both the inequalities $7 – 2x \geqslant 1$ and $8 + 3x > 5$.

The diagram shows an isosceles $\triangle$ABC. By using only a ruler and a pair of compasses, construct $\triangle$ABC.

Lines and Angles

Given that RST is an isosceles triangle. PQR is a straight line. Find the value of $x$.

Basic Polygons

Given that ECD is a right-angled triangle and ABCF is a trapezium. The area of $\triangle$ECD is 20 cm². Calculate the area of the whole diagram.

Form 1 Perimeter and Area

Write the representation of set for the shaded region in the Venn diagram.
Introduction of Set

Data Handling

The diagram shows a line graph of number of burgers sold by a café in 5 days. The cost price of all burgers is RM 1 125. The café obtained a profit of 60% from the sale of each burger. Calculate the selling price of a burger.

The diagram shows a triangle. Is it a right-angled triangle? Give your reason.

The Pythagoras' Theorem

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