Death Trip

Death Trip by Lee Weeks

It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. But it became a journey into hell…
Paradise has become a nightmare. Five young voluntary workers on a once in a lifetime gap year in Thailand have vanished into thin air. Entire villages lie ransacked, their people brutally murdered.
Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, troubled detective Johnny Mann is haunted by personal demons, including the unsolved murder of his father. Trying to pick up the pieces of his life, he receives a desperate plea for help from a woman in Amsterdam – a woman who claims to have known his father years before.
Hoping to unravel the mystery shrouding his father’s death, Mann agrees to go undercover and search for the five missing teenagers, one of whom is the woman’s 18-year-old son, Jake. And Mann’s secret brother…
From the carefree beaches of Thailand to the labyrinthine streets of Amsterdam, nothing is as it seems as Mann is plunged into conspiracy and peril and pitted against pure evil.

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Updated on October 10, 2021

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