Deadly Intent by Lynda La Plante

A fatal shooting in a notorious drug dealers’ squat in north London, and the murder squad is gathering. Determined to find answers, DI Anna Travis tries to put all thoughts of her previous boss – and lover – James Langton far out of reach, and strikes out on her own. She knows that the victim had recently marries, and that his grieving widow Julia is a glamorous, wealthy woman. Then Anna discovers that Julia’s ex-partner was one of the most wanted drug-traffickers in the Western world, handsome, charismatic and supremely dangerous.

Energized by her findings, Anna comes under increasing fire from her formidable new boss to toe the line. A new personal relationship beckons, but then into Anna’s life comes the last person she ever wanted to see again…

Solely My Opinion

After reading 641 pages, it was rather frustrating to know that the drug-trafficker was almost in the hands of the detectives only to let him escape with his two young daughters on a private jet. In real life, our cops must have experienced this kind of frustration where the criminal is about to be caught, with enough evidence to throw the criminal in prison, but the only thing that obstructs the victory is knowing the whereabout of the criminal, or the criminal just slipped away like how some criminals managed to squeeze themselves through the small toilet window, swinging themselves over the fence and disappear into the horizon.

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Updated on October 10, 2021

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