Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You

Before I found this book in one of my shelves, I have already started with my plan to kill my fats away. During last year’s MCO, I have pounded more than 10 kg all over my body and once I have reached 80 kg, I felt like I’m bursting at the seams. Let me keep it here as a bitter memory with my fight with fats.

Roughly a decade ago, I used to go to the gym for a few years. The gym then gave up its place because a new tenant has decided to rent up the entire building. The gym was just walking distance from my abode. So, I moved to the branch of the gym but it was no longer a mere 2 minutes walk, the journey to the gym became a 15-minute drive. After some time, I stopped going completely. 

My hubby and I, we tried food supplements to reduce our excessive weight. For a time, those supplements were really good but anything that requires me to change my diet, will never last long. I love my food and I will not want to go on a diet, chewing on grass and leaves.

In 2019, I went swimming 5 times a week. It was amazing~! Then came Covid and the total lockdown. I started parking myself in front of the computer because I was rushing to finish my huge workload. I was in front of the computer screen from morning until midnight. I only stopped for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which proved to be a disaster. I have an elliptical bike at home, trust me, elliptical cross trainer works better than a treadmill to kill off those fats, but I did not have the time to stop in between and run just for the sake of sweating it out. When I was working outside, I did not even have dinner. Thus, the 3 times a day meal snuggled under my skin comfortably.

I started working out once I finished my heavy workload and no longer need to park myself in front of the computer from sunrise to midnight. When I reach 80 kg, bending over to wear sneakers seemed like a torture. But since I am no longer working outside, I do not really need to wear shoes anymore, I am bare-footed at all times. I can’t deny that I feel like these round round animals in the video below…

I am back to my two meals per day. Mind you, I am a big eater. I have my brunch and my very late lunch. I do not count calories because if I do, I will exceed those calories needed for sedentary lifestyle in half of my breakfast. Thus, we opted to eat happily. I do not snack in between because it takes too much of my time. I made rules in the house where food can only be consumed in the kitchen at the dining table. Food, including snacks, do not go to the room upstairs, or any other corner of the house. The computer table can never have food there because the keyboard and mouse will be oily. I do not need food crumbs to mix with eraser dust and invite red ants to march along the table.

I do plot out my daily mass. Whatever I read in the book, I am just reading them because I want to clear off books from my book shelves. Walking seemed to be the choice of many and walking is free. I have a large field with walking path right in front of my house, I just need to cross the road to get to it, but I have not been going there, because when I was hooked to swimming, I really enjoyed it. I do not like to sweat also. 

What I do now is, after parking myself in front of the computer for 4 hours, I will get up and go to my elliptical bike and run while reading a book. 20 pages for each run, to kill two birds with one stone. Right until now, I do not seem to have a lot of free time. Night time seems to come really quick maybe because I no longer wake up early. 

Sleep is very important. I am no longer bounded by time. My hubby and I, we wake up when we wake up, usually somewhere near afternoon. But we no longer feel tired throughout the day. When we were waken up by the alarm clock, we would feel very tired like our battery has not been fully charged. Due to our long hours of peaceful sleep, our mornings do not exist. 

If you want to plot out your mass daily, you might be disheartened because it goes up and then comes down, up and down, but eventually it will come down. It takes a longer time. For example, I am around a particular weight for one month but I just want to plot out the graph for the fun of it. If not, what is the point of learning to plot so many different kind of graphs just for the sake of exam. At least this line graph does not depict the price of the gold, silver and platinum. If the price of precious metals keep decreasing, investors might go on a buying spree then it will shoot up again. I prefer this graph to be moving down and down, not shooting up all of a sudden, God forbid. 

To reach my goal, I think I will need 20 months. My regime for now is:
1) 20 pages of running on the elliptical cross trainer when I’m awake, after scrolling the phone for some time
2) 20 pages of running on the elliptical cross trainer  before our late lunch
3) 3 rounds of brisk walking with the dog around the field outside, that is roughly about 30 minutes, depending on the dog’s speed, the vet is complaining that the dog is obese~!
4) 20 minutes on the fat-throwing machine while reading
If you have motion sickness, then you might not be able to multitask this way. Do not feel that it is a waste of time exercising for yourself. Stay healthy. Keep in shape. The spare tyre(s) around the waist will not act as a float, it will just limit your movement and invite health problems in future.

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Updated on October 10, 2021

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