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The Humble Beginning of is a website that caters for students going through Malaysian syllabus – Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Rendah (KSSR) for primary school students and Kurikulum Standard Sekolah Menengah (KSSM) for secondary school students.

Currently we are not covering the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) yet. We will go into this in future.

As Rome is not built in one day, this website will continue to grow as time goes by. Anything done in a rush will not bear good fruits. Any fruiting tree will take some time to bear fruits in its season. Therefore, be patient with us.

We are nobody. You may watch the above video to get a glimpse of us – after what MCO has done to us – puffing us up with fats that refused to be shed off. 

I am Judith Yen – the one running this website. With 18 years as a private tutor, I will not say I am a somebody. What is more important will be my students are scoring in their minor and major examinations, doing well in their lives and simply growing up to be responsible and sensible humans. Therefore, I do not have to be someone famous or popular as it is the least important thing in life. No one is spared in this pandemic, therefore stay humble with both feet planted on the ground.  

Cikgu Phoon, as fondly known by his students, has just retired in September 2020 and he will be contributing ideas in this website. He has 38 years of teaching experience in primary schools as an English teacher. As the saying goes, old is gold. There is much to learn from him in primary school education.

Schools will be starting soon. So why not start back physical classes? Let bygones be bygones. As much as all of us yearn to have the normal lives back as how we know them, it is actually time to move on. Teachers will always play an important role in students’ development but learning should not be stuck to classrooms and physical classes only. What this pandemic should have taught everyone is the resilience to adapt to changes like a chameleon. 

Now, with this website, you do not need to follow a specific schedule to attend tuition classes. Tuition is something extra, to help you cope if school lessons are going too fast. Again, when this pandemic started, all fixed schedules are thrown out of the window, but we survived without them. Just draw up another new schedule. 

Learning online requires a full load of discipline. Students should not be spoon fed anymore. We are too pampered in many ways, isn’t it time for self-discipline? I will explain further on how to use this old-school-new-platform tuition. It will be so easy once you grasp hold of the concept.


We’re from Penang Island but you do not have to be in Penang to learn from us. You can be anywhere, as long as you have Internet connection, your smartphone, laptop or desktop, your empty book to write notes, your stationeries and you are good to go.

You may go to the main page which is and click on All Courses to choose from.

If you have the discipline to learn on your own without a teacher breathing down your neck, you will realize that studying in your own bedroom gives you pure joy.

You may go to the main website at and click on All Courses, click on the standard or form that you are in, if that particular subject is ready, then click on whichever chapter you are weak in. 

You will have access to the chapter that you have purchased for one full month. Click on it at whatever time you learn best. Many of our students prefer studying in the wee hours of the morning. No physical classes will entertain students at 2 a.m. or 5 a.m. therefore there is no time fixed for learning through this website. Just go ahead and login into your site, learn for 5 minutes or an hour, at the speed that you are comfortable in.

If you are stuck and need help, just drop a comment at that section or click on the WhatsApp button, I will reply you when I am awake. 

As this is an old-school-new-platform concept, you will still need pencils and books to write on. The only difference is that you will be looking at pre-recorded videos done to cater for all students, whether fast or slow learners. There is nothing wrong being a slow learner, no one is going to rush you to finish fast. Do take your time in trying to understand each question before moving on to the next one.
You may click on ‘A Sneak Peek’ to see examples of how a lesson is conducted.

Anyway, if you have a question to ask, you do not have to feel ashamed that you might be asking simple question, who is going to laugh at you when you hit that WhatsApp button to ask me privately?

Should you go for this? This is something that is too new.

Well, if kitchen stoves have been upgraded from charcoal stove to gas stove and now to various electric stoves, why can’t tuition classes be upgraded from home tutoring to big classes and now, online with so much freedom to learn?

In everything, there are the pros and the cons. There are even pros and cons in the smartphones that you are holding, in televisions and in everything. 

Use anything properly and it will be beneficial to you. Use even the most expensive thing wrongly, it will cause you harm. Apply wisdom where necessary.

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Updated on November 16, 2021

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